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What is BICSI?  What do the RCDD & OSP designations mean?

BICSI is a professional association supporting the information transport systems (ITS) industry.  ITS covers the spectrum of voice, data and video technologies.  The organization provides ongoing cutting-edge information, education, and training to its members.   

Steve Arnold, Vice President of ACE Midwest, has been a BICSI member since 1996 and holds the Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) and the Outside Plant Specialist (OSP) designations.


How do we decide which LAN wiring system best suits our needs?

A LAN cabling installation is typically a once-a-decade investment.  However, rapidly evolving communications and computing technologies make it a challenge to install a maximum performance network that meets or exceeds all current and foreseeable transmission requirements.  Recent advancements in Gigabyte Ethernet technology require the increase through-put of Category 7 cable for certain installations.  Our quantum Gigabyte product is rated 1.2 Gig and 300 MHz - the best in the industry.

Because the staff at ACE Midwest has been on the cutting edge of the communications technology evolution over the past 30 years, you can trust we can assist in the design and proper selection of a cabling system that will provide maximum performance and will meet your budgetary requirements.

How does a cable cross the road?

One of our key services offered is Outside Plant Construction (OSP) engineering.  There are two choices when installing outdoor cable - aerial or underground.  If requested, we will install the necessary poles, cable and hardware for an aerial installation.  If an aerial installation is not possible, we can place cable and splices underground by trenching or using special directional boring equipment.

What is directional boring and why is it important?

Underground boring for the purpose of laying and splicing cable is affected by the density of the rocks encountered between start and finish.  When digging a trench is not feasible because of a roadway or other obstacles, special equipment is needed to allow the operator to bore in the proper direction, or to "see" where the bore is actually going.  It also allows the operator to make adjustments with water pressure to prevent the drill bit from cutting into buried gas or electric lines or coming up in the middle of the highway.

What can you tell me about your products and installation warranties?

ACE Midwest uses the highest quality products available that are cost effective and meet our customer's needs.  We comply with the Buy American Act whenever requested or possible. 

All ACE Midwest installations include a one year warranty.

What is the geographical range of ACE Midwest's services?

We will send our engineers and technicians wherever they are needed to serve our customer's requests.  We frequently perform work in the Greater Kansas City Metro Area and throughout Kansas and Missouri.  However, we have completed projects across the United States in the following locations:  New Orleans, Louisiana (Post Hurricane Katrina), Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Maryland, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

Can you help us meet our budget? 

ACE Midwest's owners have been in business for customers like you for over 30 years and have estimating experience in all types of economic climates.

To request an estimate or to schedule a site visit, please contact Steve Arnold